Of Montreal

之所以叫of montreal是因为乐队灵魂人物Barnes是为了一个来自montreal的女孩儿建立的这个乐队
听了他们2005年的专辑The Sunlandic Twins,这首Oslo in the summertime印象最深
Oslo in the summertime nobody can fall asleep,
I’m staring out the window from my bed,
At 4 a.m. the sun is up,
look the sky is pepppered with sea birds and with crows all cackeling,

Up in tre ten Heimdalsgate,
me and Nina making fun of footballers in Rudolph Neilson Plass,
I practice my norwegian on poor beffudeled waitresses,
who shake their heads completely at a loss,
Oslo in the summertime the streets are strangely quite ’cause,
everyone’s away on holiday,

Oslo in the summertime,
Pakistani children play locked inside of the courtyard all day,
Pretty people everywhere sun lamp tans and flaxen hair,
Just tell the American not to stare,



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